SIPR (sounds like "sipper")

What it does

SIPR keeps track of your can. The web page shows you how much you've had to drink and when you drank it. The koozie has a display which both shows your drink count and flashes party lights.

How I built it

SIPR uses an accelerometer to determine when you're drinking. The accelerometer also knows when you finish a can by detecting a double tap. We used a PSoC to control the electronics. It communicates with the web page through a laptop for the demo.

Challenges I ran into

We encountered some problems getting our hardware to work. We had to learn a lot of new skills to get stuff done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Very attractive website. Glowing LEDs.

What I learned

Everyone on the team learned a new language or two. Python, Javascript, HTML to name a few.

What's next for SIPR - IoT Koozie


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