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SipMe is a VoB client (Voice over bitcoin) built specifically for smartphone devices (Android & Ios). It's a VoIP client leveraging with bitcoin p2p electronic cash system to power VoIP communications in a seamless, private, and a "decentralized" manner. It also lets users earn money simply by listening or talking to people.

The problem and the solution

Although the current VoIP protocols seek to resolve the economic and technical issues that exist in the legacy telecommunication system by, however, they failed at resolving economic interoperability issues exist today simply because of lacking a truly global p2p money system. With bitcoin, we can overcome this quite easily and have an economically incentivized global VoIP communication.

Use cases

Basically, it's a VoB client, by the nature of it has an unbounded amount of use cases. For example -

Medical Consultation - You need to talk to a medical expert. You don't need to send an email, book a visit (because it's unnecessary in that case) you just call him/her with sipMe. It's very similar to a skype call but everybody is willing to receive your call because they earn actual money by talking to people.

Real-time Gaming tips exchange - Say if you're a gamer you'd like to exchange valuable information during an online battle. You just call the expert with sipMe and the expert is willing to give you valuable information because he's economically rewarded by giving you the information in realtime.

One-One video streaming: private twitch like video streaming but the payment is streamed for each unit time consumption. Super flexible subscription model without having to rely on the credit card based monthly subscriptions. It's more efficient and liberating every way.

These are just a few use cases of sipMe I can think at the moment. The uses of the application can use it very innovative ways we can never guess.

State of the Development

Currently, the Application is in pre-beta and on development aiming to make it ready for public release by the end of q4 2020. This submission only implements the basic authentication, topic generation, etc. Voice communication is enabled for the dev preview and streaming wallet implementation is excluded due to security reasons and not being tested thoroughly.

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