Motivated by a need to bring the work of journalist back into the spotlight by making their reviews be apart of a larger reviewing system of political candidates

What it does

Sink or Swim is place where journalists reviews and opinions of candidates can be aggregated into a single place helping bring journalists' work into a larger spotlight and helping inform voters in a more comprehensive manner over a single news source.

How I built it

For the backend, we used Parse, a NoSQL backend that can be hosted on Heroku and takes only minutes to setup. Not only is it easy to setup, it's easy to use. Data comes in as a standard JSON like many other API's. So in minutes, we had a custom API that can read and write data in a JSON format.

The frontend was built with React. This was an obvious choice as I and other members of the team had previous experience with React. This was also the clear choice because React has its own Parse library that allowed ease of access to the Parse database we had setup.

Challenges I ran into

This was the first time I worked with a team in development and under time constraint (12 hours to build a site!) Assembling the different parts each member was assigned was ultimately my job and that was challenging because everyone had a different approach and styling. Fortunately, I was able to remedy this by assigning everyone an encapsulated task so each part could be connected cohesively without much change in the internal code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combining backend skills and frontend skills into one project for the first time in web development!

What I learned

Getting a lot done

What's next for Sink or Swim

There are no plans to bring Sink or Swim to the public but the team will continue to work on future projects together!

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