Having fun, even when you are freezing.

How it works

A Lilypad arduino powers these silly gloves. When you blow on your hand to warm them, a temperature sensor in the gloves registers the increase in heat. With the rising temperatures, your gloves glow with lights to show you how warm they are. If you raise the temperature enough, the gloves will sing you a tune. The gloves are made of felt and all components were attached using conductive thread.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the components were difficult to sew together as not all of the connections matched up. I also realized after testing the device that the temperature changes every time it powers back on, so I could not use constants to figure out when to light up the gloves. Instead of using a constant base temperature, I added in a component where the gloves first take 100 readings of the temperature and average them. Increases in temperature are then compared to the average.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I hand coded all of the music myself. I Taught myself how to read sheet music to write the code for the songs, including changes in tempo and pauses. I also have never made a wearable device, so I was incredibly proud of not only figuring out how to code this, but learning to use hardware I was entirely unfamiliar with and pick up the basics of circuitry.

What I learned

I learned how to read music, code in a new C based language, circuitry, how to adapt to the unexpected and work on a time crunch.

What's next for Singing Mittens

A long life on my hands during this winter!

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