Got the idea from my kids singing jingles that they learned from school.

What it does

Plays appropriate jingle based on subject. Currently supports 27 subjects: nouns, fractions, prepositions, absolute values, continents, sentences, article adjectives, verbs, helping verbs, object of the prepositions, object pronouns, subject pronouns, pronouns, greater than, less than, states, capitals, rounding, perimeter, place values, median, mean, mode, range, adjectives, possessive nouns, adverbs

How I built it

Used Node.js

Challenges I ran into

Alexa forces you to use only certain launch phrases, so I have to say: Alexa, ask singing jingle about nouns. I would rather get it to say, Alexa, start singing jingle about nouns.

Getting permission to use jingles (many from Shurley Instructional Materials, Inc.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Supports over a thousand utterance combinations.

What I learned

Learned a bit more about NPM and how easy it is to install.

What's next for Singing Jingle

If there's demand, then I can increase the available subjects.

Built With

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