We bought a Fitbit charge HR and we were very excited to see how it notifies us when we get phone calls. We wanted to get the same feature for SMS messages and some other notifications. We had two options: 1) Pay $150 more and get the Surge version that has this feature. 2) Hack the planet and save thousands of people!!!!!!!

How it works

Install, run, and have fun! You will be able to receive SMS notifications on your fitbit!

What you need: 1) Fitbit Charge 2) Android phone (make sure to turn on the bluetooth) 3) Fitbit app for android (make sure to toggle the phone notification on) 4) Internet connection

When you receive an SMS, our application will be triggered and it will notify our webservice to call your phone number using twilio api. Thus, you get notified by the fitbit.

When you receive the notification on your fitbit, it will show up in the format of "[sender name]: [message]"

Challenges I ran into

  • Displaying the contact info and message on the fitbit instead of displaying the twilio phone number calling you
  • Addressing the user experience issue of receiving messages while using the phone
  • Addressing time delay between the phone, twilio, and fitbit

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Solving a real life issue that can positively enhance people's fitbit experience while saving them money
  • Creating a workable and stable version in less than 24 hours
  • Integrating twilio into the application to successfully communicate between phone and fitbit
  • Being here at HackThePlanet 2015 to make it :)

What I learned

  • How to use twilio, azure,, json
  • How to manipulate contacts in Android

What's next for Sinco Fitbit

  • 1 Million downloads
  • Target other OS
  • Add more message alerts for other applications (such as Facebook and Skype)
  • Whitelist for silent mode to allow certain messages to always come through
  • Make it internet independent
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