In Pakistan a lot of children suffer from some kind of learning disability which go unnoticed by parents and teachers and the child suffers since he has a different learning curve. This is difficult for the child since this leads to low self esteem and difficulty in learning through conventional methods. This is also difficult for parents too and they do not understand their child needs special attention. We are naming our game SiNA inspired from Ibn-Sina where the S is for shaoor, I is for Idrak, N is for Nafs and A is for Agahi, and these 3 are the factors for cognitive development.

What it does

A game which for children will be an entertaining and learning based (with attractive theme and story-line). At the background we will testing the child for various mental disorders. For now we are focusing on dyslexia. In case the child dose have dyslexia we will refer him/her to the doctor and also offer a set of subscription based therapy games which will help the child overcome dyslexia.

How I built it

We built the website using google app engine (web app 2) (HTML5, CSS, java-script) using the MVC pattern. We used various python libraries for adding functionality.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge for us was finding out how to translate the game score into psychologist accepted thresholds this requires a domain expert which we found from our network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working in such a short amount of time to form a well rounded plan which includes the idea creation, research planning, development, financial analysis and business marketing plan.

What I learned

I learned that there is a certain pattern that a dyslexic child may show which is an indicator that the child is suffering from it and these indicators can be incorporated into a learning based game which is a subtle attempt that a child may enjoy without being rigorously tested by a professional which can be intimidating to a small child.

What's next for SiNA

We plan to develop a mobile application also for this along with the website and add various languages of Pakistan in it (such as Sindhi, Punjabi etc). We also plan to incorporate various other issues faced by children like ADHD and autism.

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