A finance manager and expense tracker

Creating as many wallets as you like, a few ideas for the usage of the bot is as following

  1. Personal finances
  2. Workplace petty cash
  3. Sorting lunch bill
  4. Pool money for someone's birthday
  5. Event fund raising etc

What it does

  1. Create multiple wallets of 2 types:
    a) Private: Only you can view wallets that you owned (e.g. Personal wallet)
    b) Public: Everyone in the slack team can view the wallet, allow collaboration/contribution (e.g. Fund Raising wallet)
  2. Keep track of income and expenditure
  3. Calculate monthly or yearly total income and expenditure
  4. Generate bar chart or pie chart for meaningful illustration
  5. Export data as a backup
  6. Import data in the event you wanna insert in batches
  7. Simple task list just in case you want to jot a note
  8. Search through description for past transactions
  9. Create categories for your income or expenditure
  10. Following is the complete list of the Main Menu
  • record spent
  • record income
  • create wallet
  • create category
  • edit entry
  • search
  • list all wallets
  • list all categories
  • get latest
  • get chart by month
  • get chart by year
  • get total by month
  • get total by year
  • get by date
  • get by month
  • get by year
  • delete wallet
  • delete category
  • delete entry
  • import
  • export
  • list all tasks
  • create task
  • delete task
  • get budget
  • reset monthly budget

How I built it

All thanks to the documentation on Amazon Lex and Slack

Challenges I ran into

Handling as many negative test cases that I can think of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From my initial requirement to learn a little bit about Amazon Lex through putting thoughts about what I can do on it and finally come out something that I would actually use.

What's next for simwalletbot2

Potentially simwalletbot2 is to have a companion app on android and ios

Built With

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