Inspiration: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, online interaction are more important than ever, especially as a supplement for in person interaction. However, for many, online interactions are simply not adequate even with no alternative. Our project is meant to satisfy the element missing for many in online interactions in a smart way with smart technology

What it does: Simultivity is similar to a dating or socializing app, but with 2 key differences:

  1. it is more community focused. Individuals give interest, personality traits, and whatever else they care to share; then, using google cloud A.I., we classify them with a score that is used to pair them with others who share interest or have compatible personality traits. In such isolating times, a network of support can be much more helpful than one person alone.
  2. Our project decides to focus on experiences instead of immediate relationships. Other services offer a way to talk with others based on common interest. That is great for some, but not everyone is the same. Many people bond better initially, further on, or even always, through shared experiences. With this in mind, once our project pairs someone with a group, it assigns the whole group an activity that acts almost as a more agreeable icebreaker. Going through an experience with someone, whether it be a game, challenge, or coding competition, can be much more meaningful and substantial in helping people loosen up and form relationship even for people who can form them purely through conversation.

How we built it: Simultivity is a website written primarily in HTML5 that also uses JavaScript, DataStax, and google cloud for its back-end. Additionally, google cloud is also the platform we use for the machine learning and A.I. aspects of our project

Challenges we ran into: Only one of our members was very experienced in building a website, and none of us had utilized A.I., machine learning, or the cloud much before. Because of this, our biggest challenge was tackling the difficult task of acquainting ourselves with these new and multi faceted languages and technologies enough to use them in a purposeful and directed way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of how much we were able to learn and what we were able to accomplish with it within the time restriction, but it is no secret our success came down to our teamwork. It is always a wonderful experience to come together with others and find that our "limited skill sets" in the right group can be exactly what is necessary to make something we can take pride it having been part of.

What we learned: Because of this project, we have really realized the potential of platforms like google cloud and obtained a good foundation for the "how" of future implementations. Also, our team was able to get an understanding of HTML, JavaScript, Back-end data solutions, website hosting, and machine learning algorithms

What's next for Simultivity: The next steps are always up and onward! The best thing for Simultivity is to first improve what we have and then diversify the features and application of google cloud. We also should work on expanding our data set. Since this project uses machine learning, the more data we can give it, the more accurate its suggestions can be. Simultivity is made in a way that it will improve as it gets bigger, and, by growing in that way, it has the potential to both open people up to the internet and one another.

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