A woman faces many challenges and choices that impact her well-being and health at different stages of life. These challenges may come from family, society, partner, peers, or self. Oftentimes, women do not have enough information to make these important choices. We want to raise the societal awareness of these challenges and provide useful information. If you are facing these situations, what will you choose? Will you live a happy and healthy life?

What it does

SimuLife is an interactive game that simulates different real-life challenges faced by women from the moment of birth to death, such as sexual assault, body shaming, eating choices, academic pressure, gender discrimination in school and at work, postpartum depression, work-family balance, and retirement challenges. Players will make decisions at each situation that impact their levels of happiness, physical health, wealth, and social interaction (the scores for these factors will be displayed throughout the game). After each choice, SimuLife provides helpful facts and resources that provide more insights into the issue.

How we built it

We first built a storyboard that divided the life of a woman into stages. We then plotted different events for each stage. After we finished writing the script, we created a workflow using Twine and added specific situations into it. By using css, we made the layout that let the website look better. We also made additional research that provides relevant resources, fun facts, and other useful links in our story.

Challenges we ran into

We experimented with different game building tools and languages, but most of them did not provide what we wanted as our game had a complex workflow. We eventually overcame this challenge by using Twine Game. Another challenge came with the fact that our teammates are not in the same time zone, creating a barrier for collaboration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a complete, interactive game that simulates the life of women, which includes different challenges women experience in their life. We let the player make their own choices and build their life. Our game places each player into the scenes so that they can have a deeper and better understanding of women’s challenges and roles in society. This game is both fun and educational!

What we learned

We had a better understanding of women's role in the society and the challenges they face. We learned the extensive use of Twine Game.

What's next for SimuLife

There are three directions that we can further explore to make the game more interesting and more exciting:

  1. We can add more random events in the game to make it more interesting, such as getting a promotion in the job or getting sick;
  2. We can also make some unique storylines based on the ethnicity the player chooses in the beginning, such as adding the discriminatory storyline for the minorities; and
  3. We can also display the statistics of each choice made by all players.

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