We developed a new revolutionary type of lung ventilation method and ventilator which can apply it! Our ventilator helps to win against COVID-19 in most severe pneumonias. Our innovative solution is unique! This revolutionary type of ventilation helps patients to recover without lung damage even in cases where other ventilators failed. The current lung ventilators are killing patients! Intensivist from New York cry. Recent ventilation methods routinely used are not sufficient for ventilation of non-homogenously affected lungs in virus pneumonia. The training and deep understanding of principles of protective lung ventilation as well as the implementation of advanced methods of lung ventilation as programmed multi-level lung ventilation with variable pressure, volume, flow and time (PMLV) is necessary. Understanding which ventilation method to choose, when and why is a crucial factor for success and for prevention of patients killing by ventilator in Covid19 viral pneumonia.


Everybody is seeking for ventilators. People are trying to develop ventilators from low cost components. However deep understanding which ventilator is useful, which ventilation method should be chosen, when and why, is a crucial factor for prevention of patients killing by ventilator in Covid19 viral pneumonia.

What it does

Our advanced methods of lung ventilation PMLV allow transferring safely up to 3 times more oxygen through virus affected lungs compared with any other recently known ventilation methods. Our simulator of patient’s lungs and breathing respiratory pattern generator will help understand the fundamental differences between advanced PMLV ventilation methods and other more conventional methods. The simulator will be useful for the training process and will facilitate the learning curve for every kind of lung ventilation used in present. In addition, this simulator may help the development of other ventilators as well.

How I built it

The simulator consists of an electronic box (adjustable respiratory breathing pattern generator) mechanical model of lungs with the non-homogenous distribution of air (mimic viral pneumonia, traumatic lung injury, ARDS etc.). To this simulator system will be attached the appropriate lung ventilator, which performs the desired ventilation methods and regimes including PMLV or other.

Challenges I ran into

How to link together the electronic, pneumatic, and mechanic systems to be able to simulate different pathology of lungs in the most realistic way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our original PMLV ventilation method as well as of the technical solution we have found how to demonstrate and show its advantages, in the most realistic way. It apparently shows what happens to patients’ lungs when different ventilation methods are used.

What I learned

We learned that this simulation method can be useful for better understanding of advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and limits of each ventilation methods and why ventilators may be killing patients, if not used properly.

We invite industrial designer for cooperation

Impact Potential -> These simulation methods may help young doctors, who will perform artificial lung ventilation in COVID19 patients, to understand the importance of usage of advanced ventilation methods in lungs affected with non-homogenously distributed air. This problem was not solved before. Our simulator offers to change mind and apply better approaches to artificial lung ventilation. The simulator can be manufactured in large quantities and distributed through the world to each hospital and medical centre including low-income countries.

Technical Complexity -> The technical solution and principle do not require technical complexity. However more ergonomic design and optimization for low-cost mass production need to be considered and rethinking.

Prototype Completion -> The prototype exists and works well on the table. The prototype can be turned into a ready to use the product very fast.

Business Plan -> The mass production and perhaps acknowledgement from Hackathons will make this simulator as well as our new ventilation methods PMLV visible worldwide. This simulator for training of artificial lung ventilation (ALV) including the most advanced multi-level (PMLV) is unique in the world. All countries in the world faced how to train their doctors and staff in ALV in order to prevent the killing of patients by ventilators.

The problem project solves

We solve the problem of how to better and more safely ventilate affected lungs with no homogenously distributed air as it is in virus pneumonia etc. The simulator can clearly show the advantages of advanced ventilation methods as PMLV compared with conventional ones. This will help young doctors, who will apply artificial lung ventilation to COVID19 patients to prevent patient lung injury, by better understanding the importance of protective lung ventilation and how it performs.

The solution brings to the table

How to better ventilate patients with virus pneumonia and better understanding the benefits and limitations of all lung ventilation regimes and methods.

The solution’s impact on the crisis

Our solution is directly applicable for lung ventilation of COVID19 virus pneumonia patients. It also helps to improve the necessary knowledge in artificial lung ventilation.

The necessities in order to continue the project

We need worldwide recognition to be able to spread the idea of multi-level lung ventilation methods (PMLV) as well as we need to find funding for organizing the mass production of the described simulators for training in artificial lung ventilation in the whole.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis.

Our PMLV ventilation method, as well as the simulator for training of all ventilation methods, will keep value without time limits. The better artificial lung ventilation methods as PMLV will be necessary and can be applied in adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), trauma lung injury, or other viral or non-viral pneumonias, etc.

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