Project for HelloWorld. This is a simple app that simulates the price market world for 5 elements: Necessity, luxury, house, gold and money. It demonstrates the relationship between the elements and serve as a educational app for those who are interested to know about price markets.

What inspired me

I always have been interested in learning the relationship of different item price markets, and I hope to make an app that educates people about how simple economy works.

What I learned

I learned how to use java and Android Studio, as well as how to make a functionable application. I never learnt how to build a simple application before, and it was great learning under pressure for 24 hours.

How I built my project

I used Android Studio and Java programming language for my project. Then I uploaded it to GitHub.

The challenges I faced

Not knowing a single thing about Android Studio was my biggest challenge. To do my own research while brainstorming ideas required great energy. My laptop was running slow too, so I had some hardware limitations but I was glad that I got most of it done.

I hope you enjoy my app as much as I did!

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