Doctors may need years of practice before having a real surgery, this tech helps them to better prepare by providing them with a near-reality experiences, to sharpen their skills and knowledge regarding surgery.

What it does

Simulate real life surgery with voice commands (Alexa as the virtual nurse, can provide tools like a nurse in a surgery) ,VR technology to provide a near-reality experiences, leap motion as the interface for the surgery and clarifai as the machine-learning tagging tool to provide different surgery scenarios.

How I built it

We'd like to use Oculus as the VR experience frontend combined with the powerful computational service by Azure to provide a near-reality surgery experience. We'd also like to use Clarifai's machine-learing technology as the scenario generator to provide the user with different visual scenarios to accommodate surgeons'needs for practices. We'd very much like to use Alexa as the voice backend and virtual nurse,who can provide tools like lancets simply by using voice commands that are common in hospitals. With leap motion as the interaction interface, we can provide the user a WYSIWYG interactive experience that is both accurate and educating.

Challenges I ran into

The time in building the system would be very long and the communications between different APIs would require a lot of researches for the system to achieve a high accuracy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That this idea would help the society as a whole is what makes us the most proud, by providing this system, we could really solve the problem by providing doctors in isolated and under developing area a convenient way of accessing the newest development of medical cares and training.

What I learned

It is very possible that the VR technology and AI technology can help the society in solving the problem of unevenly distribution of education access, it can literally save many lives by providing concerned party a easy way to access the most advanced technology.

What's next for Simulation Surgery

To implement the idea under a much accurate environment with professional's help in building the system, and to cut down the cost for the whole system so that every one can have a easy access to the advanced technology

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