i got the inspiration from the challenges facing my college when its comes to passing information from the school management to we the students and the stress which its included in the process because most of the student get the information late

What it does

As the system used in the institute is outdated as it requires paper, files and the binders, which will require the human workforce to maintain them. To get registered in the institute, a student in this system one should come to the university.

How I built it

I used html5, css3, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP and SQL

Challenges I ran into

  1. power shortage
  2. insufficient data bundle

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

despite the challenges which i encounter when developing the app and able to develop it finally

What I learned

I learned a lot during and after developing the application

  1. Get updated with the programming language used
  2. learn more about the application
  3. Learn how it can help to improve educational system
  4. it's an effective means of information chain from school management to the student
  5. and a lot more ## What's next for SIMS(Student Information Management System)
  6. I plan to add Assignment Module for the improvement of the application
  7. I plan to add Attendance Module in order for the lecturer to know the numbers of student present for a particular course
  8. I also plan to add staff management to the appilcation
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