SimplyUs helps people organize their life together. It's incredibly useful and is the central hub of your trusted relationships. Share calendars, lists, memories, messages & more - everything that's important to your relationship in one place.

For DevCup we added notes to the suite of services SimplyUs provides and it's all powered by Evernote's shared notebooks. It brings rich collaboration to Evernote users and free form notes to SimplyUs users.

Features include: -SimplyUs suite for Evernote users (Shared Calendars, lists, chat, photos) -Comment threads on notes! -Tailored experience for small group collaboration

SimplyUs' mission is to help people organize their lives together. We're just getting started with the amazing scenario around organizing couples and we'll be expanding into other markets like families, social groups and small business and teams.

Evernote is for remembering everything and SimplyUs is for organizing everything. It's a really powerful combination of platforms that we're extremely excited about.

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