Let's be honest, we all hate standing in long queues! Especially when there is nobody to manage queues, allowing anybody to cut into our line. Suppose you are waiting for a bus for an hour and some random guy hops in and grabs your spot.

Yes, we hate it too and we plan to address it!

What it does

Were you the first to arrive at the location? We make sure you get serviced first! This virtual queue helps users to save their spot and prevent others from cutting lines. We leverage the broadcasting of a BLE (low energy Bluetooth devices) to verify the proximity of the user from the location. If the user is within the range of the broadcasting device, he gets to reserve his position in the line on a first come first serve basis.

How we built it

Used unique id's broadcasted from the beacon to validate with server to verify users location. We reserve a seat for the user depending on the total allowed capacity for reservation. A QR code is used to validate his/her reservation in the queue which is verified by a QR code scanner at the opposite end. A centralized server interacts with the beacons, the users and the QR kiosks to sync data and achieve a seamless virtual queue.

Challenges we ran into

Developing multiple modules, applications, servers, hardware and integrating them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to develop a beacon using a raspberry pi, writing a mobile application to book a spot for the user and another application to verify the user's spot.

What we learned

Team Work Implementation of IoT Android programming Cloud Architecture(AWS) Raspberry perripheruals

What's next for SimplyQ

Mine user activities. Leverage this technology for more scenarios (Theaters, Hospitals, Busses, Career-fairs) Integrate routing applications like Lyft, Transit and shuttle services.

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