Start’s ups and small businesses have been hit severely due to COVID-19. They don’t have enough resources to reach out for help or to connect with investors. Not all startups making millions of dollars in growth every year to present their product to a shark tank for more investment.

Meanwhile, most people are not billionaires but want to invest.
So, we wanted to build a platform that benefits small businesses from both crowdfunds and investors.

What it does

Simply Start: An app that promotes small businesses and leverages the power & success of women entrepreneurs and businesses of color by helping them get crowdfunding by retail investors for equity.

App walkthrough -

  • User starts by logging in. After authentication via their personalized username and password. Each session of the user login generates a personalized API token which helps in maintaining a secure environment for their activity on the application.
  • After the login page, the user gets greeted by a personalized login page that lists the user’s total investments, shows the startups that they could invest into, and their favorite small businesses.
  • What makes our app stand out is the "highlights" feature of our platform. Each month we pick the "Business of the Month" to promote underrepresented and discriminated businesses. This is a huge problem in the world of business investments and we want to stand by and promote those businesses by highlighting them.
  • Each diverse business has their own personalized, dynamically created page which shows visualizations for business growth, expenses, and revenue.
  • Investor could choose to invest in any of the businesses and they receive an invest credit of $10 as an initiative from us!

Our goal is to want to make investing fun and create inclusion within the community.

How we built it

Tech Tools Used:

  • React.js: Front end, The entire application is built upon the React, using state hooks and components to make this a single page application and dynamic rendering of charts, without the page ever being refreshed.
  • HTML/CSS: For webpage structuring and styling.
  • JavaScript: For validation and dynamically connecting components.
  • Chart.js: For creating beautiful data visualization graphs.
  • Django: Fully structured database built with Django models and APIs created with Django Rest Framework.
  • Python: Backend operations to update and maintain the data collected and handled by the users of the application.

Challenges we ran into

  • Majority of team members learned the ReactJS for the first time. It was a little challenging but fun learning experience.
  • Connecting front-end with backend took a lot of time, our frontend is made in ReactJS and backend in Django.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working effectively and remotely with teammates we had never met prior to Technica2020.
  • Constantly collaborated and kept each team member in the loop and providing and taking help when needed.
  • Learning ReactJS in such a short amount of time :).

What we learned

  • Learned how to divide & delegate tasks as a team and to be accountable for it.
  • Planning work, setting reporting times, and deadlines.
  • Communicating remotely with teammates in different time zones.
  • Making things dynamic took time, but the efforts paid off.

What's next for Simply Start

  • Highlight preferred companies or frequently contributed company types specific to each user.
  • Language analysis on User comments on each Contribution to give user badges for contributions.

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