When you’re going on a vacation, it’s sometimes quite difficult and stressful to research and plan out an itinerary. To make our lives easier, we designed a webapp called SimplyGo helps you plan out your trip.

What it does

The application takes in a city or location, and depending on the input, it designs a schedule tailored to the user. It uses Google Maps API data and user data to generate tourist attractions and locations around an area.

How I built it

We used Google APIs, Flask, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, and CSS to build the application. We use a clustering algorithm to group nearby attractions and suggest daily schedules based on user preferences and inputs.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time working with Flask, AJAX, and Google APIs. We ran into problems connecting the front end to the back end and designing the user interface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with Flask, AJAX, and Google APIs. Finishing on time!

What I learned

We learned Python, Flask, AJAX, jQuery, and Google APIs.

What's next for Simply Go

More user input related algorithms to tailor schedules to the needs of the users. Give more information to the users and add transportation, restaurants, and hotel options. And of course, budgeting!

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