Very often simple data gathering efforts in an organization become large IT projects. Be it an event registration or a full employee onboarding process, we believe that data gathering should be fast and reliable. Workflows should be simple and effortless. This plugin provides a great authoring platform and an incredible user experience. We believe that you should be able to manage, distribute, gather and report data for all your business needs without spinning up a large technology team and a hefty budget.

What it does

Simply forms is a platform to create, manage and process data with few simple clicks. With the help of Simply Forms you can easily manage and track your business data across your organization. You can create beautiful looking forms, conduct surveys, collecting data & feedback from different sources using rich and engaging interface. Collect and organize the information you need to make smarter decisions.

How we built it

  • Atlassian Connect Spring Boot
  • Angular 4.0
  • Angular ClI
  • ng-bootstrap
  • Postgresql
  • Nginx
  • Lot of motivation and love of Lattes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 people + 2 Month + Angular 4.0 with Spring Boot = Simply Forms

What we learned

Keep things simple, then make them simpler.

What's next for Simply Forms

We are eager to develop new features for you. We are an agile team and release changes to production multiple times a week. Help us make this product better for you. Simply drop us a note and we will make it happen.

Coming up next :

  • Integrating Jira fields in the forms.
  • Publishing form to an external audience in order to collect feedback from your clients.
  • Exciting statistic tools to analyze the collected data.
  • Stay tuned!!

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