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As our world shifts to mobile payments, it's becoming harder and harder to budget our finances and differentiate between luxuries and necessities.

What it does

A simple financial wellness application that allows you to digitize your receipts and leverage state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to categorize your budget into unique categories.

How we built it

  • React and Material-UI frameworks for development of authentication, transactions, and budget user interfaces
  • Firebase API for user authentication and cloud integration
  • Google Cloud Firestore for receipt item inventory, hosting images, and hosting client applications.
  • Google Cloud Vision OCR for conversion of image text into machine-encoded text
  • Google Cloud NLP Content Classifier for classification of receipt items into a taxonomy of unique shopping categories
  • Google Cloud App Engine to host server which interacts with the client application hosted on Firebase

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementation of the OCR to register the correct information
  • Content categorization
  • Synchronizing API calls with promises and daisy-chaining

Accomplishments we're proud of

  • A simple and friendly user interface
  • Perfect carry-out and usage of multiple API's
  • Application of Machine Learning to assign receipt items an appropriate category

What we learned

We learned a lot of technical skills such as api implementation, web server hosting, and front-end vs. back-end design.

What's next for SimpliFi

We believe SimpliFi has much more potential for additional features.

Location and Fraud

  • Use Google Maps API to keep a record of where all purchases were made
  • Purchase made in another country will alert user of possible fraud

User Spending Habits

  • Use machine learning to determine the best budgeting plan based on the user's spending habits

Made at DragonHacks 2019

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