When you’re out, check in, to let your friends know where are you, and show your experiences! Discover new places and make your mark on earth. Using Simply CheckIn check-in to foursquare in one tap. If you are connected to facebook and twitter then you can check-in place in three social media just in a single Tap. Simply CheckIn, quick, easy and one tap smart check-in solution for your busy life.


  • Publish your CheckIn in three social networks (Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter) with a single tap. You can think it like “Hitting three targets in one bullet”.
  • One tap checkIn.
  • Simplest and Fastest CheckIn solution on your wrist.

How it works

  • At first you have to login in Simply CheckIn mobile application using "Foursquare" account.
  • After that open the Gear2 application, tap your desired place from the list of places and confirm check-in.
  • You can also use the check-in feature from the mobile application by just one tap on desired places.

To share your CheckIn in Facebook and Twitter, simply go to the Settings in Foursquare and then open Sharing with other networks , click connect button for your desired social network. Now If you Check-in in a place using Simply CheckIn application, then your Check-in will be published in three networks just by one tap.

Terms & Condition

You must have an account in Foursquare to use the app. To share with other social networks (Facebook Or Twitter), you have to connect Your social network account with your Foursquare account.

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