Sometimes it becomes unmanageable to remember as well as keep track of daily chores, errands, and important things like medicines. With SimpLog you can log data, get reminded to do so and also get statistics, all at the same time, effortlessly.
    Log just any category,with any units and frequency, the app will give you the history in the form of numbers and visual statistics. No more sticky notes and wall calenders to keep a tab of stuff. This app aims to provide you with the simplest possible way to log and track your details which you can refer to or change later in the inbuilt calender, on the go. No need of internet, you can just install the app on your android Smartphone and make the most of it using your paired Tizen wearable by setting reminders if needed. You can also delete older log categories if found unnecessary. 
    It's not just about simplicity, it's about making simple things in a special way, and that's our app SimpLog. Happy Logging!!
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