Simpliphi is a cloud based software system that uses real time student performance data to track and measure student progress and enables teachers, principals, parents, and administrators ensure timely intervention to improve learning outcomes. The reporting and analytics features of the system allows stakeholders to slice performance data based on students, classes, and standards to derive meaningful information that teachers can act upon. Simpliphi is designed to be used for both formative as well as summative assessments.

Simpliphi is 100% web based software and you can access Simpliphi from any Windows, Mac or Linux desktop or laptop using Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox and as an HTML5 web app for mobile devices such as an iPad, an iPod, or any android phone or tablet.

For schools that do not have enough devices for every student or class, or have not yet embarked on a BYOD initiative, we have our own low cost fully locked down, wifi enabled, touch based Simpliphi tabs that can be used either in complete class sets or just to supplement the existing school device sets.

Unlike other systems that are based on polling a central server, Simpliphi is an event driven real time system. So student responses are available instantly for review on your dashboard as soon as they are submitted, saving valuable class time.

Simpliphi supports a variety of question types such as True False, Yes No, Multiple choice, Multiple response, Fill in the blanks, Hot Spot, and short answer, including algorithmic template questions in Math. You can also have complex narratives associated with a question that students can read on the device and then answer the question. Teachers can create their own custom questions or import from popular formats like Examview. They can also share their custom question banks with other teachers.

There is an integrated gradebook, and several students, class, and standards performance reports that enables teachers, parents principals, and administrators get a 360 degree view of every student's progress. Many different roles are supported within Simpliphi including Teachers, Principals, Students, Parents, and District Administrators. Simpliphi's automated daily and weekly email updates of student and class performance ensures that key stakeholders like Principals are always up to date on how their teachers and students have been doing.

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