29 percent of adults within America are unable to do math computations beyond two steps. On the National Assessment of Educational Progress three quarters of the fourth grade class were unable to decipher a word problem and solve it. This information is from a survey done by the NY times on math proficiency and it shows a scary trend. Our youth are struggling with Math and math related problems. Math is an integral component of being a capable and self sufficient member of society. Simplimy is the answer we came up with and we hope you’ll see the possibilities we do. Using non-traditional tools such as the Myo and the Leap motion we hope to give students a new way of learning math. Developing muscle memory by actually moving digits when adding. Also tabulating as you multiply small digits and then understanding how it plays into larger problems. With tools that are simple enough for a child to use, we are hopeful that this can be a stepping stone for most children into basic math literacy and higher level learning. Included is a demonstration of how the system operates. Providing both a visual and tactile connection to the problems. Currently our system supports addition, subtraction, and multiplication. With more time we hope to add division, equations, and some form of geometric analysis to name a few. So please join us in our mission on improving math literacy.

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