What it does: It has many python projects that we learned and imported all of them into on project which would give many activities on what you can do on it. It is mainly used for people who have nothing to do at one point of there life and need something which is when our project comes in.

How we built it: We brainstormed many intermediate and beginner python projects and implemented them into one project

Challenges we ran into: Naming the variables, we named most of them user_choice, and with it being in the same project, it malfunctioned a lot, however, we renamed it.

Another challenge is that some of the project made the code not work entirely and we needed to

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The projects that we made and fixing bugs.

What we learned: We learned to enhance and organize the code better because with so many projects, it took a while to find out what things would do.

What's next for SimpliHax Project: Add many more options and activites to the code, and enhancing more of the projects that we thought weren't the best

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