My guru had taught me the process, that is . Understand . Deconstruct . Reconstruct to solve my problems.

We deconstructed and reconstructed the communication process keeping in mind it is made for students and learning, simplifying everything in the process.

What it does

Most of the devices ( Androids, Apple devices, Windows and many Linux DEs ) have accessibility feature called text-to-speech and captioning. We combine these features to communicate audio with text over the internet for faster communication. Another idea is to optimize the video part, that is by simply using the avatars, that use that body movement and replicate it.

How we built it

We couldn't provide a working model but we made a design mock-up.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a person with the right skill set to develop a prototype for the application. Yes, i wanted to learn what problems we could possibly face and i wanted to learn from it.

I am the tech guy of the team but i had no experience working with android apps or APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An idea that if implemented could completely transform the way online classes are held and what people think communication is.

We spent about 8 Hours working selecting and working on idea, and next 24 Hours just thinking what could go wrong. So i guarantee - it is a well thought out idea.

What we learned

Sometimes, Human Resource is the most important part, we couldn't find the right person in our peer group. And were kinda afraid to ask in the open as they might leak the idea. // Our first hackathon

What's next for Simplifying Communication

With no working model, i don't think someone will even look at it, as also a design person - i tried adding UI & UX mock-ups. Even if we don't win, We won't throw the idea, instead contact my university and form a team and bring it to life.

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