Solving the complicacy of filing a report, by dialing different government emergency numbers.

Simplify Report is an Android Application with backend on Django REST Framework which simplifies the process of reporting cases of fire, crimes and calling an ambulance. Immediate help is provided to people in cases of emergencies as these. User can easily post his reports and his neighbors are immediately notified through the application in cases of emergency such as fire outbreak, robbery or any other crime.

Using :

Android Django Rest Framework Firebase Sqlite3

Notifying users in the range of 250m from the location of alert created.

We are able to integrate notification after facing geolocation and firebase cloud messaging challenge.

Integrate the script of firebase cloud messaging in API and in integrating map for lower API devices also picking location of devices using pin drop.

We will be linking the response of this app with different government agencies so that user can file reports using a single application.

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