As a student, trying to keep up with the esoteric language of any profession is hard. Whether it is trying to understand the difference between Linux or Windows operating systems, or even just a random word like "dotard", we are often sent on a wild goose hunt to figure out the meaning surrounding those words. Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple explanation without feeling looked down upon or becoming even more confused. With that problem in mind, we decided to use Facebook's Messaging Platform and Google's Cognitive Services Platform to create a chatbot that utilizes Reddit's ELI5 SubReddit for information. For those who do not know, ELI5 stands for "Explain Like I'm 5" and has a rich community full of people willing to give concise and simple answers to various topics. With the chatbot, you are able to text questions and receive answers directly in the form of ELI5. Using Google's Natural Language Processing Platform, we were able to extract the keywords from the query and then call Reddit's RESTful API for results. However, we did not stop at just having questions answered, we decided to take it one step further and incorporate Google's Vision API-- specifically we allow for users to input images that will either generate tagged labels or through Google's OCR technology, extract text from the image. Our reasoning behind this, in light of simplifying the life of a student, is for providing a simple medium of extracting text from an image in order to easily allow for copy and pasting or various purposes. No more having to retype the author's quote from the sketchy, poorly scanned PDF files your teacher assigned you. Last but not least, we chose to use Facebook's Messenger Platform due to the popularity of Facebook and the accessibility that comes with it. Your problems can be solved within an opening of a chat bubble.

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