We were inspirated by our leader Boris Povar, he pointed our attention to the fact that nobody provided a solution to use liquidity from different chains with an ease of mouse click.

What it does

Our project allows DeFi users to operate with their assets no matter in which chain it is allocated. Only one thing - the asset origin should be armed with SimplFii protocol.

How we built it

We started building by writing special chainlink external adapters and client contracts that have ability to change contract state on "another" side.

Challenges we ran into

learning chainlink architecture, running chainlink nodes, implemeting not standard logic on external adapters

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We achieved our aim to build cross-chain bridge and integrated it with one of popular AMM protocols

What we learned

We learned nuances of cross-chain integrations and difficulties associated with it

What's next for SimpliFi

We are building trully decentralized relayer network with offchain proofs and consensus , embed it into AMM protocol and push it to the market.

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