💡 Inspiration

Consider this, what if your next visit to the doctor's didn't need you to hunt down your prescription folder? 👩‍⚕️

What if we told you that one call to the pharmacist is all that's needed for your medicines to reach your doorstep? 💊

SimpleRx is all of that and more. ✨ All the simplicity, none of the work. And that's what we do. ⚡

⚙️What it does

At its core, SimpleRx is a centralized health records and prescription management system.

Think of your prescription folder, but on the cloud. Accessible whenever and wherever you want it, just a screen away. No more gaps in medical history because you can't find the papers, everything remains safe and accessible to the doctors on your next visit. 🏥

No need to wait at the pharmacy or look for that prescription when it's time for a refill - they can see your current prescriptions just as soon as you want the medicines to reach your home. 🏠

⚒️ How we built it

This project was made with a ReactJS frontend, a Django backend, backed by a MongoDB database.

🛑 Challenges we ran into

We tried building with different technologies which meant that while we enjoyed the process quite a lot, it was also a quite something new for us, which meant difficulty. Our team was situated over different timezones which meant everyone had to shift around their day-to-day, so we learnt a thing or two about planning. 📅

🏆 Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to build a successful MVP that we imagined our idea to be. And while learning new technologies was hard, it was superbly enjoyable working with such talented folks in the pod.

📚 What we learned

Not everything has to be played safe and we can learn a lot of new things just by going out of our comfort zone. That's probably the most takeaway we learnt over the period of this hackathon. All three of us will have learnt three new and different frameworks for our next endeavor! 🚀

🔜 What's next

SimpleRx believes in taking things one step farther.

  • Digitizing lab records with OCR and securely storing them on the cloud 🔎
  • Flagging allergies and intelligent drug suggestions 💬
  • Automate pharmacy deliveries and pickup notifications 📦
  • More complex filters to prevent fraud and protect privacy 🔒

📜 License

This is an free and open-source software project, licensed under Apache License 2.0 or later (LICENSE or

🤼 The team

This project was built by Rohan Rout, Sakshi Rambhia and Ankit Maity. 👷

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