The main inspiration for this project and idea has been the fact that various small non-profit organizations are having adversities when they try to help the population, and most of the time, it's caused by the reality that they don't have the money.

What it does

This application works this way: After logging in, the user will have to insert his geographic location, with the intention of showing the non-profit organizations that are located close to the user. Then, the user will be shown various organizations, be them close to him or not. and he will have the ability to learn more about them and choosing if he would like to donate to them or not. This way, various small groups will be discovered and will have the opportunity of being able to help others.

How I built it

Firstly, we developed an idealization of how our application will work and look, with the use of the software" Marvel". So, after deciding our main focus, we decided to utilize the software from MIT, the AppInventor 2. Being the AppInventor an incredibly easy and simple program to learn and utilize, we were able to learn more about how to develop various necessities for our app via Youtube tutorials and various other articles present on the internet.

Challenges I ran into

Being this our first hackathon, there were numerous challenges during the development process. First of all, our lack of experience in such competitions caused us to not know how to organize our time and how to synchronize the team. Lastly, the fact that our team has low to none experience in coding Softwares and applications, we lost a huge amount of time to develop an app, being time incredibly essential in this fast-paced competition.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main thing we are proud of this project is the fact that this was the first time we experienced this type of fast-paced competition, the hackathons. Being able to create a solution, be it good or not, in such time span has taught us about various Softwares and programming abilities, most of which we are now keen to learn and develop.

What I learned

We were able to learn more about various programming languages, such as flutter, and also some Softwares, such as the AppInventor. Not only this, but we were also able to acquire more experience and knowledge, due to the fact that it was necessary for us to learn more rapidly.

What's next for SimpleDonation

We intend to develop this program even further. We will do this by utilizing a more viable software and coding languages, such as flutter, to develop the app. We also intend on developing a gps feature in our app, so it can make the application easier to execute in a daily basis. Lastly, we intend to create relations with various organizations, so the app can be finally released to the public.

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