Basically we saw what Google photos did with your images, and decided to see if we could make something similar.

What it does

You upload an images of your choice to the website. Then later on you can search for images, that contain a certain tag you're looking for.

How I built it

Using AWS, and some other available code.

Challenges I ran into

About half the the websites that I was going to use for this where blocked, including .tech

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the end we finished this despite the hindrances presented by the network.

What I learned

You shouldn't always assume that there will be a stable and allowing internet connection to develop in.

What's next for SimpleAI

If we had more time and a better ability to debug/test new features, maybe we could present all images using a page format or something else. We're not really sure, we spent far too much time trying to get around the prohibitive wifi policies.

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