I wanted to create a simple To-Do list that was decentralized using Blockstack's platform. The idea of having one's digital rights protected through the use of blockchain was very interesting to me. So, I decided to create a web app that would let me keep track of the things I needed to do everyday.

What it does

The web app uses Blockstack's Auth, which provides single sign on and authentication without third parties or remote servers. Once identifying who you are, it launches you into an environment where you can type quick notes that will then be added to a list of tasks. These tasks can be acted upon once completed, as you can check the box to have the tast be crossed out or press the X icon to remove it all together.


How I built it

I built it using Node.js and a variety of modules such as Vue.js, Express, Webpack etc.

Challenges I ran into

I had a lot of trouble getting the server to run on Heroku, as this is mainly supposed to be a decentralized app meant for local use. I could have tunneled my localhost app with Ngrok, but I did not want to keep my host machine running 24/7 so I eventually found a way to implement it on Heroku.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the application to run on Heroku, despite SSL/HTTPS certificate issues.

What I learned

Making a decentralized app is very interesting and it taught me how we can keep our digital rights secure and away from large corporations.

What's next for Simple To-Do List

Fixing certificate issues if I want it to be used on a larger scale.

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