I was inspired by my own journey towards budgeting and saving money I got from my very first job. There were not many easy to use budgeting apps on the market so I decided to build my own.

What it does

The program asks if you want to record income or expense. If you record income it takes the amount you type and splits it into 3 categories: 50% of the income will go into a savings record, 30% will go towards essential spending, and 20% will go towards leisure spending. I think this 50/30/20 rule is extremely useful for those starting out with budgeting as it is easy to follow and can be modified as one sees fit

Challenges I ran into

Not only is this my first hackathon project, this is my first solo project ever. My challenge mainly came from figuring out where to start as all the directions were my own

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

although this is an extremely simple idea, I am proud of myself for creating my first project

What's next for Simple Teen Budgeting App

I won't be continuing with this project, however now that I am comfortable with creating projects and using github, I am excited to start more projects in the near future


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