As a web developer you cannot miss a form in an application. Login, register, order form , name it, are a part of an application. It is important to understand how forms are handled in react when learning react and getting to know it and that is what this Simple Survey application is for.

What it does

It is a simple survey web application that collects user submitted inputs and logs in the console

How I built it

I used Create React App . as my boiler plate. Then got the basic form elements from Forms .

Challenges I ran into

Validating forms since there is no clear way to do form validation from The Reactjs Site . I had to implement custom validations. Running unit test on the

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding React Forms and working with Controlled inputs and validating the form

What I learned

I learned handling React forms and Validating the form

What's next for Simple Survey Application

Testing the form component using JEST and using steppers in React Form.

Built With

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