My Simple Stream Story...

Simple Stream was a Windows 8.1 application that I developed 2 years ago. It was the time that I've been selected as a Microsoft Student Partner in Turkey. They wanted us to develop something and I came up with this idea. I had no experience on WinRT development back then. Somehow, I pushed myself and learned some stuff about the platform and how HLS live streaming works.

I coded the app in 3 weeks and published to the Windows Store. Had great feedbacks about the app and published a few more updates for it, then I stopped supporting it because I had no time to take care of the app anymore.

I'm still a student but about to graduate in a few months. In this 2 years, I started to work as a software engineer and learned almost everything about the platform. Best practices, how-tos, tip& tricks... And as I was working I learned a lot of other things such as how mobile applications work, what the software development methodologies and design patterns are.

I was in good shape, but mentally was trying to find a side-project to kill timeand just refresh my brain. Creating a new project always a fun to me. Improving is the key. Every project I create from scratch increases my potential.

A week ago, Joanna Dionis from DevPost e-mailed me. I was getting literally bored most of the day and looking for an ideas. She said I should consider to post my Simple Stream app to this hackathon. That was the time that everything just got alright in my head and I responded to her that I'll be joining to hackathon soon.

I didn't have the sources of the Simple Stream anymore, because I had no idea what source control is back then :) However, I knew that I had the potantial to re-write the whole app from scratch, even with better design and more faster working way. As always, I created a new project, pushed it to my GitHub and started to develop on there.

It was all about the challange for me. Because this is what Hackathon means for me. I actually like to attend hackathons locally in Turkey and push myself to the limits (2 days of non-sleeping and hardworking, as a reward we came up runner-up team in MasterCard Masters of Code Hackathon - Istanbul). I had a week when I saw Joanna's e-mail and re-writing the app that I've developed 2 years ago in 3 weeks in just a week was a good challange to me.

So I developed the app, open sourced it and shared to my friends who wants to learn or just want to look at how data binding,behaviors and adaptive media streaming works in Universal Windows Platform applications. App has been developed with MVVM pattern using Prism framwork and fully open-sourced under my GitHub profile. Anyone can access and spread the code-love as I did :)

Thanks for reading the whole stuff until this line and for such a great online hackathon. It was my pleasure to attend ^^

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