I keep accumulating things. Lots of things. Often times, it's hard to find these things when I need them, and so I have wanted (needed) a new organisational system for quite some time, and thought it would make a fun hackathon project.

It did.

We started out intending to make a simple web site, with an API that we could use to make an native phone apps from, but instead we decided to take on the challenge of making a usable responsive site. You can, and are expected to, use it on a phone as well as through a browser. It works well, and does not cause fits of rage.

We count this as a great accomplishment.

Simple Storage Manager allows you to easily track and find object in a myriad of different locations and storage units, and makes it simple to search your collection and add new items, whether from a mobile phone or a desktop. QR code labels generated by the app can be affixed to boxes, allowing for instant retrieval of an itemized inventory.

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