We are four students from different disciplinary areas who all struggle with consistently updating our class schedules due to the inconvenience of manually inputting important dates on Google Calendars. While some of us have opted for a physical planner, this solution still does not provide us the immediate alerts and reminders that are necessary.

Furthermore, the quality of studying is dependent on both quality and effectiveness. This also inspired us to create a web app that would speed up the studying process by organizing our notes based on semantic meaning.

What it does

Snap Simply takes notes in the form of handwritten or digital text documents and converts them into reformatted documents based on natural language processing and optical character recognition techniques. The app also includes a nifty way to parse a student's schedule and automatically transfers the schedule onto their Google Calendars.

How we built it

The notes-focused portion of Simply Snap was built by using Google Vision API to grab text from a document, then by running a natural language processing to organize the notes into coherent topics. The calendar aspect also relied on Google Vision's OCR to parse a student's schedule from a photo.

Challenges we ran into

One of the overarching challenges was connecting the backend software to the frontend. Our team had difficulties going from Javascript to Python to Javascript. Consequently, we had trouble implementing our user interface and learning how to work with Google Vision API's inaccuracies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to tackle a challenge outside of our comfort zones and build a meaningful platform that can not only handle multiple workloads but can also greatly impact our daily, fast-paced lifestyles.

What we learned

We learned many skills and lessons that we would be taking along with us in our future careers. One of which was the complications between communicating frontend and backend. Julie, being a mechanical engineer, learned the complexities of software development. Being someone who typically works with hardware, she saw a different perspective on how software engineers communicated and troubleshot issues. Nathaniel, as a beginner programmer as well as a beginner to UI design, experienced firsthand the difficulty of connecting front- and back-end technologies, and just how critical it is to have a compatible design.

What's next for Simple Snap

Google search integration Handwritten text recognition

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