Make signing contract a little bit clearer, and less boring. Make you feel like reading a story step to step with all you need to know and avoid marathon like reading that freak you out. Save time for the signatory. Reduce unnecessary conditions and terms. Save spaces for the final contract.


Copy and paste your textual contract in the angular frontend interface, and we will generate a human-readable (and hopefully interactive) contract in google form.


NLP system finds keywords and conditions that is not suitable for you and save you sometime dropping them away.

Friendly frontend helps you generate an interactive contract in a click.

Google form integration displays your easy-to-use contract and you can distribute it easily!

Future Work

Final contract review page and email notification.

A Machine Learning predicting and auto-complete system for questions editing.

Improving NLP system for better key-phrases extraction.

Add PDF extraction feature, using PDF info and image recognition in Computer Vision.


Wendy Huang: Congxin Cheng: Shawn Cong:

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posted an update

By the way we initially added a section to ask for users to input their email address so that they can get the contract after form submission. However my account was blacked-listed for spamming auto-generated emails to my own address while testing so I decided to remove that feature for now LOL.

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