We wanted to help small retailers by enabling them to go online in quick time. We also wanted to mandate zero or low contact experience during order delivery so that store representatives need not come in close physical proximity to the customer. This will help retailers continue doing business in a very safe way during these troubled times.

What it does

a. Our solution provides an end to end shopping experience. b. Uses Curbside pickup as the Delivery option c. Provides Live Chat to automatically handle communications with the customer once they reach the curbside pickup area. d. Displays personalized content based on the browsing patterns of the user e. Provides Voice search capabilities for enhanced accessibility f. Fully responsive site providing seamless experience on both mobile and desktop. g. To increase adoption, solution provides an option to issue a gift voucher to the customer after a successful pickup.

How we built it

We built our solution using the following MACH products – Commerce Tools, Content Stack, Algolia, Voucherify & Uniform. We used Live Person to drive our Curbside chat bot. For our web application, we used the demo e-commerce app from Content Stack as the starting point and built in our customizations on top. Our deck and video has the architecture diagrams.

Challenges we ran into

Product Selection took time as there were multiple options for the same problem statement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a fully functional solution with 5 different products from the MACH alliance. We were able to do this within in a week despite having little or no exposure to most of these products. We are extremely proud of that.

What we learned

1) Exposure to the various products in the MACH alliance 2) Deeper understanding of MACH principles 3) Various challenges that retailers and customers face in these troubled times

What's next for Simple Shopping Experience with Curbside Pickup

*Extend the fully functional solution with feature rich enhancements like * 1) Real time Order Status Notifications via. Integrations with POS 2) Store Associate Apps Integration for Real Time Allocations of Store Representatives for managing drop Ins in curbside and Interactions with customers 3) Geo Location API Integrations for Real time tracking of customers in Store Vicinity. - Reducing customer wait time - Alerting Store Representatives for readiness. 4) Voice Based Commerce for enhanced accessibility

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