We love Airbnb and we want to help with homelessness.

What it does

Provides simple searching for homeless shelters that meet each person's needs. Gives shelters a quick and easy method for promoting their services. Provides a centralized database for all homeless shelters. Can create an online community for the homeless and those solving this problem. Can be integrated with incentives for shelters.

How I built it

Bootstrap, PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, SQL (Still building most of the back-end and part of the UI)

Challenges I ran into

A lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea, the UI/UX, collaboration, aesthetics

What I learned

Useful and cool applications can be built very quickly

What's next for Simple Shelter

Finish the back end, make improvements to the UI based on user feedback, and push it forward in the homelessness community.

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