We plan to start our company soon, but sending emails from different mailboxes to several contacts is quite difficult to manage. So we needed a service to keep our business contacts in order.

How it works

It is an application for email management for companies that need to keep track of their email contacts. It helps to manage your emails by grouping them using tags, and allowing the user to set up contacts descriptions for better view of whom is he conversing with. The app also lets a group of people (like a company) have all access to the same email accounts, with administrator having the power to specify which user has access to what within the app.

Mainly the app is a productivity boost when it comes to managing your contacts.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge our team had to face is the lack of time to actually work on the app. First, we started late because we found out about the Context.IO challenge 3 weeks before the deadline, then we still have our day jobs. Other, a bit smaller challenge was getting to know Polymer, which we unknowingly chose to be out front-end solution (well, it looks pretty). It is helpful in some ways, but stopped us more than once, because there suddenly appeared a problem which should not have been there. Community for the 1.0 version (that we use) is also a bit sparse.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the problems that are described above, we mostly did what we wanted to do. Also, of which we are very proud, we managed to create quite good backend REST API in Go, which contains nice little library we wrote to communicate with Context.IO API.

What we learned

What looks pretty at first isn't always the best way (Polymer). We also learned a bit about how Polymer works and, although it was not easy, we have some new skills that we might find useful in the future. It was also our first big independent project, and it was great experience for our team.

Future plans

Despite the app looks as it looks right now, we still plan to finish it with all features that we stated at the beginning of the development. We'll be using this application ourselves and if someone would like to use it too, we'd be very proud.

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