The chatting application "Discord"

What it does

You can send text messages from one computer to another

How I built it

Used the "sockets" module in Python to connect both computers and transfer data. Used "PyQt5" as the GUI.

Challenges I ran into

I've never done socket programming/had any experience with networking before, so learning it was a bit difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At first I learned how to send messages between two files on the same computer. Then I took a step up and did it between two computers. This is also my first time making a GUI in Python.

What we learned

How sockets work in Python.

What's next for Simple Messenger

I want to be able to have both computers send messages back and forth (so far only the server can talk to the client). Perhaps I could do this with multithreading by designing the server to handle multiple clients and have them talk to each other.

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