After spending days making a resume and then updating it every month or so, it seems like a waste of time to have to re-enter job preferences when searching queries. I decided to make a program that read resumes and give predictions and suggestions from it.

What it does

Simple Job Search is a clean job search application that gives quick information to available positions. Since the app is all about making searching easy it uses the users information form their resume to automatically suggest locations and keywords for the user to choose from.

How I built it

I built the app off of the Indeed job search api. From there I coded the UI and java algorithms to bring the android app to life.

Challenges I ran into

After spending hours getting the resume scanner to work properly in pure java, I unfortunately couldn't figure out how to read a file on the android platform. The good news is that the hard part is done, all I need to do is learn how to access files. The other main issue I had was with GitHub. I couldn't get android studio to connect properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made sure to follow android's material design preferences while not making it too flashy.

What I learned

Indeed's api was one of the first api's that I have ever used. I really enjoyed securing my knowledge on api's like it for future reference.

What's next for Simple Job Search

Once the I figure out how to upload documents the resume scanner will be fully implementable. From their I need to add more detail to the summaries of each job query (links, dates, ect).

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