Simple Health Forms allows you to fill out an HTML Form and request your health records, rather than fax it over to a hospital. Many hospitals in the area require a faxed form, and the Flask backend for our website takes care of this. The form data is parsed with JS and sent over the a python-based plugin, FPDF which creates a synthesized pdf form with the relevant data. The InterFax API is then used to fax the form to the correct hospital.

Rhode Island Hospital and it's many affiliate hospitals have a big impact on the life of almost every other Rhode Islander. They are the only hospitals in the region and many are dependent on them for healthcare. Due to the rather bureaucratic process of changing policy and standards within a hospital, the health records department still has not entered the internet age. To access or request your medical records you must either go in person to the hospital or print and then fax an application. This is rather problematic for those who can't easily reach the hospital on a short notice or those who don't have a fax machine. Our web applet cuts through this archaic process by filling out and faxing the application for the user. This service is available for all five of Rhode Island's local hospitals.

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