We've encountered a slew of projects with non-standard definitions for terms. For example, a "developer" in the real estate world does not mean someone that writes code. Situations like that pretty cause confusion and miscommunication pretty quickly. Thus the idea for the Simple Glossary Plugin was born to help keep JIRA Issues more concise, and make it easier for everyone to understand what exactly is meant with certain terms without having to constantly ask or look it up.

What it does

It allows users to define terms for each project, along with their definitions and synonyms/acronyms for that term. Whenever a term (a word, a phrase, or acronym) shows up in a JIRA issue, it is automatically highlighted, and a simple hover action over the highlighted term shows the definition for it.

How I built it

It was built with the Atlassian Plugin SDK, backbone.js, and AUI.

Challenges I ran into

Hooking into the render logic so issues automatically highlight the matching terms when they render.

What's next for Simple Glossary for JIRA

  • allow adding labels to terms for semantic grouping
  • integration with SimpleWiki Page for JIRA
  • make it easier to add terms directly from issues

Built With

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