Inspiration Linguistics is a favorite of mine. In addition, the best parts of computer science, in my opinion, is the human-computer interaction that powers the most powerful translators on the internet. This program is a simple way to quench my own desires.

What it does: The program translates English language into the computer to read and then print out said text.

How we built it: First, I installed and retouched up on Python that I once previously learned. Then, I used Python's own file manager (pip) to install a speech API that is created by google called SpeechRecognition. Then, using Python's IDLE, I imported the speechrecognition api. I read in the documentation about how to use Recognizer() to recognize said language. Using the class's own microphone feature I called that so that it utilizes the mic, asked the user to begin talking and then ask the program to listen for an set amount of time (stops when you stop talking!). The computer saves the text and, using the recognizer object, calls recognize_google to the saved audio. If that didn't work, it would throw an exception that it failed.

Challenges we ran into: Initially, I was to install on macbook, but I ran into problems where Python and the API's weren't compatible, and I eventually moved to Windows to work on it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: This is just my second time being able to succesfully read up on API documentation and subsequently successfully create a program based off it. In addition, through the course of the Hackathon day I touched up on a language that I had not used in over 5 years, and create a program I find simple yet interesting.

What we learned: I learned how to use Python to create audio to text, and brushed up on my command-line skills as I worked to trouble-shoot my own mistakes in the installation process.

What's next for Simple Speech to Text with Python: This is yet another audio-related project that will go into my portfolio. In addition, I will read up on programs like QT (GUI implementations of Python and C++) so I can make my audio programs much more elegant. The next program will be translating something much more difficult which is musical notes, as musical instruments are one of my passions.

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