There currently is no way for a normal person to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies without taking on considerable risk.

Even the simplest solutions, Coinbase, requires basic knowledge of the crypto market and what to buy. If you're someone who's interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, care about your assets, yet don't have the time to learn about crypto investing, it can be very challenging to invest in cryptocurrencies. There's no reason why those investments shouldn't be accessible.

Why not leave the buying and selling up to professionals who will manage your money for you? All you have to do is select a weekly deposit amount and a risk portfolio.

What it does

We make investing in crypto as easy as venmo. Just one click.

Slide the weekly investment amount to view your predicted earnings with a certain risk portfolio over anytime from one month to ten years. Find an investment amount that you feel comfortable with. And just click "Get Started."

We spent considerable time designing a very simple UI. Our on-boarding processing makes the app easy to understand, and introduces users to the product well.

What we (didn't) use

We decided to do all of our designing from scratch in order to fully optimize the design for our specific product. All of our designs were done on our own with NO libraries. We created a graph class to custom make our graph and we coded everything solo.

The only libraries we used were for the backend.

Most Challenging

Our app is linked with Stripe payments and has a full Firebase backend. Setting up the Firebase backend to efficiently communicate with our front end was quite difficult.

We also spent A LOT of time creating a great UI, and more importantly, a great UX for the user. We made the app incredibly simple to use.

What I learned

We thought submissions were at 10am not 9am. We should be more proactive about that.

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