We wanted to build something really fun and exciting using Airtable blocks!

Buildling our own personal Meme Generator (where we can meme-ify ourselves) seemed interesting!

Though this is a fun project, this can also be used in many business applications where you want to remove background images and text to images like - Social media banners and posts, e-commerce images etc

This uses - which is a AI based tool to remove background from images. We have also used cloudinary to perform various image manipulations like cropping, resizing, padding, text overlay etc.

You can also add a custom text / watermark to memes.

Memes can be bulk generated with a single click!

We can have added view picker to the block, so you can also add filters and run the generator only for visible records.

What it does

  • Merges two images together.
  • Removes background from first image using
  • Adds background image (meme template / solid color) using cloudinary
  • Adds text overlay based on text field
  • Can be used to generate social media banners and posts

It uses API to remove background from the Images -Uses Cloudinary to do various Image and text manipulations Features

Built With

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