We kept running into storage limitations with Confluence Cloud, and also wanted to make it easier to attach files to Pages and share files on a Space level.

What it does

It allows you to connect your Confluence Cloud Instance to an Amazon S3 Bucket, and then store files on a space level or page level. Files are stored in S3. Files are arranged in a simple manner so uploading files to a page is as simple as pushing them to the right location in the S3 bucket. (Ideal for large file uploads like design documents, ..etc).

How I built it

using the atlassian-connect sdk with node.js, express, react, and aws s3 sdk.

Challenges I ran into

The Confluence Cloud documentation lacks good samples, and we had to employ some trickery to get our plugin to show within the context of a space without losing the navigation sidebar.

What's next for Simple Cloud Files for Confluence

  • custom macros that allow embedding links and images from S3 on a page
  • additional features like public sharing of files, a gallery mode for viewing files, and versioning.
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